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Harvard Retail Sales

Harvard Retail Sales combines product selection and pricing with knowledge of your needs and your market, to deliver exceptional value. We take a partnership approach to help your independent pharmacy stay competitive, profitable and relevant in a changing marketplace. We take the time to understand your unique challenges, the demographics you serve, and how all of this shapes your inventory. Fast service is a key goal so we can support the supply needs that are critical to your business.

Harvard Retail prides itself in being the largest independent secondary of choice. We have achieved this by outpacing the competition in key areas that have proven to be important to you, the independent pharmacist. These include but are not limited to:

  • Best in class sourcing and procurement ensure an uninterrupted supply of quality product at competitive prices
  • It’s easy to do business with us: talk with our experienced and educated account representatives or take advantage of online ordering capabilities
  • Our dynamic distribution capabilities allow you to enjoy guaranteed next day delivery if your order is placed by 11 PM EST, even on Saturdays
  • Our full line of complimentary OTCs puts common products such as cough and cold remedies, allergy and pain medications, nicotine gum and vitamin supplements right at your fingertips for one-stop-shopping convenience
  • Timely and relevant industry news enables you to maximize profits by capitalizing on information such as price increases, supply shortages, import bans and generic launches
  • Our wide portfolio of opportunity buys (such as short dated products at up to 80% savings) equips you to deliver value to customers while increasing your margin

Generic Pharmaceuticals

Our generics portfolio includes thousands of Rx, OTC and vitamins. We maintain close relationships with leading manufacturers of Rx generics, ensuring you have the safest, highest-quality products, reliable supply, and competitive price.

Brand Pharmaceuticals

Harvard can provide you with convenient access to a full line of brand pharmaceuticals in addition to generics. Take advantage of our market knowledge to act on opportunities throughout your purchasing cycles.

Opportunity Buys

Our wide portfolio of opportunity buys equips you to deliver value to customers while increasing your margin.

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