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About Harvard

The Harvard Drug Group is a long-standing corporation with an iconic brands portfolio. Our company began much like independent pharmacies did, as a family business. Over nearly half a century and several acquisitions later, the family business evolved into what is now one of the nation’s largest suppliers of prescription and OTC medications and related products. The Harvard Drug Group is a subsidiary of Cardinal Health (NYSE: CAH). Cardinal Health is a $103 billion health care services company that improves the cost-effectiveness of health care. Cardinal Health helps pharmacies, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices focus on patient care while reducing costs, enhancing efficiency and improving quality. The company employs nearly 35,000 people worldwide and is ranked #26 on the Fortune 500. The Harvard Drug Group helps customers compete in a dynamic healthcare marketplace. By offering affordable and safe branded, generic and OTC products to healthcare providers, we achieve our mission, “to drive value for pharmaceutical partners and consumers.” Our main focus is on our customers. We pride ourselves on providing service excellence in every aspect of our business. By embracing our core business principles of “integrity, veracity, fairness, dignity, participation, commitment, responsibility and managing by facts” each day we achieve our vision of being “the essential partner linking manufacturers and providers that seek growth and value in the pharmaceutical care business.”

Extra Care to Ensure Quality

Buying from The Harvard Drug Group is a decision you can make with confidence. We maintain rigorous quality standards to ensure the integrity of our products, from procurement through packaging and distribution. Our supplier qualification and management process ensures our products meet the highest quality standards for you and your customers.

Our Companies

  • Harvard Retail

    Uniquely positioned to serve independent pharmacies with affordable generic and brand pharmaceuticals, product breadth, personal service and support, and market knowledge that helps the retailer better compete.
  • Major Pharmaceuticals

    Focusing on patient care with customized and co-created offerings from Major’s broad and expanding Rx, UD and bulk product portfolio.
  • Rugby Laboratories

    Rugby offers a top-notch OTC portfolio of health and wellness products ranging from cough and cold, allergy, pain and nausea relief, to nicotine gum, vitamin and nutritional supplements.
  • First Veterinary Supply

    Serves licensed companion animal and specialty veterinary practices, offering thousands of pharmaceutical products and biological, diagnostic and medical supplies.
  • ExpertMed

    Delivers expert market knowledge and a diverse portfolio of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tests, medical/surgical supplies and other products to healthcare practitioners. Clients range from physician practices to weight-loss clinics, government agencies and other institutions.

How We Got Here


Great Lakes Wholesale Drug Founded
Nathan Brodie


Great Lakes Wholesale was purchased and the Harvard Division was formed
Harvard Sign


The Harvard Drug Group L.L.C. was formed


Acquired RS Veterinary Supply


Acquired Expert-Med™


Acquired Hawkins Pharmaceutical Compounding


Acquired by Cardinal Health™ (CAH)